Beasts of Balance Battles

Beasts of Balance Battles

With the release of Battles Mode, 2 to 3 players can summon weird and wonderful new powers, battling to become the mightiest god! It’s still Beasts of Balance, but just a bit... fightier.

Battles Mode has been released as a free update to the app, and you can go play right now! We’ve also released a deck of 16-NFC Enhanced Battle Cards which add a whole extra layer of spellcasting, strategy and fun to the game mode! 

We’ve also released three new Legendary Beasts: Fancyprance, the Fabulous UnicornMoby Brick, the Space Whale; and Hotbelly, the Hangry Dragon. Each one unlocks a cavalcade of new beasts, and has unique superpowers in Battles Mode!

How to Play Battles

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